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Siamese kittens and cats have been a part of my life since I was in high school.  We decided to become breeders of these beautiful cats in 1963.  Many of my pictures are on slides and now faded with the years.  Here are several pictures of our Siamese cats from the past.  Koko was our foundation Siamese and she was a great queen.  In 1990, I chose to breed the wedge because I wanted to show my cats.  In the last couple of years, TICA has acknowledged the Thai breed which is the Siamese I bred in the 1960’s.  Koko has bred to a Siamese cat in the Green Lane line which the TICA Thai breeders were looking for to develop their lines. 

applehead siamese cats from the 1960'sSiamese cats from the 1960's

Thani Kara of Sahja—lilac point Siamese—born 4/21/1967

Koko de Sahjo—chocolate point Siamese—born 5/2/1963

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KOKO DE SAHJO  born May 2, 1963

               CFA : 271-0971

       Sire; Tammy’s Choco San 270-0054

       Dam: Wani Ratana Kanya  Tu  277-1508


Koko was our foundation cat and was part of the family for 18 years.     

Koko Koko with kittensSahja's Yeah-U

Koko’s first litter born June 23, 1964

Sire: CH Green Lane Valiant, CFF 18644


Pictured on the right is one of the kittens in this litter: Sahja’s Yeah-U.



Koko’s litter born March 1, 1966 produced a lovely chocolate point male. Sahja Jino

Sire:  Double Grand Kalyan Wun Sun of Thani, who is pictured below. CFA 270-0004  

Kalyan Wun Sun of Thani

Koko’s grand daughter: Taka of Sahja with her kitten.

Siamese mom with kittenSiamese catSiamese cat

Junipur Niki of Sahja born July 10, 1975 and died July 11, 1993. 

Siamese cat
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