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This is one of the beautiful Oriental Shorthair patterns created by breeding a Siamese and Oriental.  In ACFA, a pointed kitten born in an Oriental litter can be shown as an Oriental.  Every cat association has different requirements for pointed Oriental kittens. So if you are interested in showing, be sure to check the rules before purchasing a kitten.  The lynx points can be in any color.  Here are examples of seal lynx, chocolate lynx, and chocolate tortie lynx.   

divider barseal lynx point oriental cat

SAHJA’S LILLI—seal lynx point Oriental

divider barchocolate lynx point oriental

SAHJA’S ROSE BUD—chocolate lynx point Oriental

divider barCH Sahja's Jenna, chocolate tortie lynx point orientaldivider bar

GC SAHJA’S JENNA—chocolate tortie lynx point Oriental

chocolate lynx point oriental kitten

SAHJA’S ROSE BUD—chocolate lynx point Oriental kitten

butterflylynx point Oriental cat

Kaelyn and Shiloh’s seal lynx point born November 2, 2008

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