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The males are the way you preserve the lineage and are the foundation of the breeding program.  Some males are still producing prodigy when they are old men.  We want diversity in the breeding so the Siamese and Oriental cats are not closely related that are used.  There is a useful computer program that calculates the breeding coeffient number so we know the kittens are not inbred.  The Orientals have many beautiful Siamese in their pedigrees.  Also, the Siamese Oriental combination produces striking Lynx point kittens. 

THE MALES from the past 25 years

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CH SAHJA’S AZURE SKY   blue Oriental

    Sire: CH Koblizek’s Tenake of Sahja

    Dam: CH Sahja’s Ebbe


    Sire: Shocko’s Hawkeye of Koblizek

    Dam: Koblizek’s Desert Rose

CARU SHILOH OF SAHJA   seal point Siamese

    Sire: CH Beprscreprs Pio’s Ithorian

    Dam: Caru A Sweet Treat

CH KIMBALAYA  KALEO OF SAHJA   chocolate point Siamese     Photo by Marie Clements

Caru Shiloh of Sahja, seal point SiameseSahja's MacKenna, ebony spotted Oriental

CH SAHJA’S MACKENNA   ebony spotted Oriental

    Sire: GC Chipmunk MacMerlin of Sahja

    Dam: GC Koblizek’s Desert Glory of Sahja

CH Kimbalaya Kaleo of Sahja, chocolate point SiameseGrand Champion Chipmunk MacMerlin of Sahja, ebony silver classic tabby Oriental

GC CHIPMUNK MACMERLIN OF SAHJA   ebony silver classic tabby Oriental

    Sire: Felitan’s Trinity

    Dam: Chipmunk Mckenzie

CH Sawasdee Artic Storm of Sahja, lilac point SiameseCH Sawasdee Artic Storm of Sahja, lilac point Siamese


    Sire: Anqkor Rose Allez Vite

    Dam: Koblizek’s Ultraviolet of Sawasdee

CH Sahja's Azure Sky, blue Oriental CH Sahja Doondi, seal point Oriental

CH SAHJA DOONDI   seal point Oriental

    Sire: Koblizek’s Tiero Beau Lassie

    Dam: Rhiannon Katz Souke of Sahja

GC Sahja's Montana Haze, caramel ticked tabby Oriental

GC SAHJA’S MONTANA HAZE   caramel ticked tabby Oriental

    Sire: CH Sawasdee Artic Storm of Sahja

    Dam: Cat  Magic’s Khaki of Sahja

butterflybutterflyCH Kolb Cayenne of Sahja, red ticked tabby Oriental

CH KOLB CAYENNE OF SAHJA red ticked Oriental

    Sire: Nianguaview Cisco

    Dam: Kolb’s Madonna

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