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Tillie 12/15/95

Mochi and Kuni 12/15/95

red lynx point oriental catthree beautiful catslilac point siamese

Yody 10/24/96

Tai 1/27/96

golden ticked oriental catgolden golden tabby oriental

Golden 1/20/96

lavender cream oriental catseal tortie point oriental and friendcream tabby oriental brothers

Emerald  9/17/97

Squeak 3/4/98

Belace and Timido 3/4/1998

seal point oriental catsseal point oriental catebony oriental cat

Bart 9/17/97 Homer 4/8/99

Bosco  6/21/98

Loata 5/26/99

sistersblue and chocolate point orientalsseal point and blue point Oriental helping decorate

Lexie and Abbie 8/24/1999

Lladro and Lacey  5/17/00

red mac tabby oriental catchestnut ticked tabby orientalebony oriental cat

Zhuzhik 5/17/00

Ruben and Simon 11/19/00

chestnut tabby oriental catblue point oriental catseal point oriental catseal lynx point oriental with friend

Gatsby 12/07/02

Allister 12/13/2003

Suki 6/21/2004

Samui 2/1/2004 seal lynx point

lilac point siamesechestnut spotted oriental shorthair catebony silver spotted tabby oriental

Guru 1/9/2005

Macramas 3/30/2005

Spike 3/30/2005 ebony silver spotted

chestnut oriental catsleeping Siamese cats

Fritz 10/3/2005       Klaus 10/9/2006

Nicky  9/21/2005  chestnut

Yeetoh 10/3/2005 on left with companion

blue point and seal point siamese with an ebony oriental

Bob 4/15/2006 - Cocoa 10/3/2005

Margarette  9/21/2005 ebony

Chandler  10/3/2005—Izy  11/2/2007

ebony silver spotted orientalebony oriental

Socratease 4/17/2007

Khen-Su 3/18/2007

chestnut lynx point and chestnut spotted orientalssleeping Siamese

Tiki 5/2/2007                 Tader 5/6/2007

ebony spotted and chestnut oriental cats

Zepho 5/6/2007            Judah 5/9/2007

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Tillie in April 2008

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