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How does this beautiful color appear in cats?  There is a dominant Dm modifier gene which changes the dilute genes which produces the blue, lilac and fawn colors to a brownish gray and taupe.  The dilute cream changes to an apricot color.  The Dm gene can be carried by the black, chocolate, cinnamon and orange cats and then appear when the cat is a dilute color.   


The blue based caramel has a brownish tinge and is darker than lilac.  The lilac based caramel has a taupe tone which changes to a soft brown in the shade.  I have traced the Dm modifier gene back to Cat Magic’s Khaki of Sahja.  She also carried the red gene and had lovely red and cream kittens with possibly some apricot kittens.  Here is a link to a good web site with more details: Caramel and Apricot  and Caramel and Apricot in the Oriental Shorthair.

Cat Magic Khaki of Sahja


    Sire: CH Oriental Image Neko of Cat Magic

    Dam: CH Oriental Image Foxfire of Cat Magic


Khaki is a lavender cream based caramel patched tabby.

Montana is a lavender based caramel ticked tabby

Grand Champion Sahja's Montana Haze - caramel orientaltwo caramel oriental kittenscaramel lynx point oriental catSahja's Cameo, a caramel ticked tabby oriental catSahja's Cameo a caramel ticked oriental cat

Sahja’s Chloe – GC Sahja’s Montana Haze   b. 2002 (lavender based caramels)


    Sire: GC Sahja’s Montana Haze

    Dam: CH Sahja’s Mahria

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    Sire: CH Kolb’s Cayenne of Sahja

    Dam: Sahja’s Sienna


Sienna is a chestnut ticked tabby but is carrying the Dm gene from Khaki.  She had both a lavender based caramel and a lavender spotted in the same litter in 2008.

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